Julia Braga - Type & Brad Designer

My name is Julia Braga, but call me Jules.

Hi, my name is Julia. I’m a brazilian Type & Brand Designer based in Finland. I moved to Finland in 2012 to pursue my creative career, and ended up getting in touch and learning from the best in the industry instead of following the conventional school path.


My approach is different from most independent designers–or so called freelancers–because I will focus on your business as an entity, not just your logo.


Type and brand design bring value to businesses of any size and of any industry. It’s all about creating a meaningful story and perception for your brand.


In this website you will find my portfolio, my shop, my blog, and my podcast. There’s a lot of content to read, listen and learn from!


If you want to talk about a project, please fill in the contact form and I will get back to you.

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