• ClientAline Rosa

  • DateJuly, 2017

  • CategoryBranding

  • IndustryCommunication and Social Media

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Ibaxé is a communication and teaching initiative by Rogério Athayde (my awesome high school history teacher) and Rodrigo Sinoti to better propagate the culture, philosophy, and arts from Africa.


Palette Chosen colors for the project



Process Sketching the logo

Ibaxé - Julia Braga, The Branding Girl

Beziers Curves and Handles

The aim of the project was to portrait the communication channel they are both opening, via YouTube and other medias, and in this divination system, it’s one through the Ifá divination bowl. The second line, the blue line, was added to give the logo an extra touch of movement and duality, as of to symbolize the communication between the babalawo and the students he’s initiating.


During our meetings, together with their manager Aline Rosa, we decided for a few specific styles an approaches, which you can see the iterations of in the video and on the sketches above. From the last picture, the pic was logo number 1.

Logo Variations Available

Usage Apparel, Boxes, and more

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