Why you should take a risk when there is a crisis

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Brazil, where I come from, is going through some serious troubles. Macro and microeconomics are crashing. There has always been the social issue. The media is bombarding everyone with chaos. Dadadadadada. Some old, same old.

But how is it that so many people are actually thriving? The media won’t show it of course, chaos writes more news headings than prosperity. But I know some of them of these people personally.

A crisis is a great way to find your way out through innovation. The people the tune off and seek out innovation are the ones who will thrive. There is no other way.

A crisis is a moment to start a company because the market will need innovation, it’s very likely that lots of people will be closing down and there will be a demand. You just have to open your eyes. Don’t use “crisis” or any other external reason to not thrive. That’s bs.

However, there is also the internal crisis. Maybe your old way of doing things is not working anymore, or that business partner or a sales person is not pushing the company forward. You’ve got the same opportunity here. Maybe you can seek out someone better to run the business with you or find better sales force.

Tune off

Going through crisis is part of life. Whether in business or in personal life, there are always ups and downs. What does your instinct tell you to do when there is a crisis? Run in the smallest sign of discomfort? We see this so clearly with social media: everybody needs to say that they are “sad” or “going through hard times”. Denial. And then they consume exactly what aggravates that paralysis: media.

Guess what, your Facebook feed is media as well. So are your friends. Tune off.


Don’t write anything that might undermine your success. Don’t read any comforting thoughts from other people. Don’t think any less of yourself. Your focus should be elsewhere.

What you should do is talk to someone close to you, a mentor, so the issue becomes detached, in your brain, from emotions. And then you sit your bum down and plan. And then you press play and execute.

Plan your escape

There are thousands of great books that can lead you out of whatever misery you are going through now. Identify your problem and make it an opportunity. Is it lack of money? Read books on how to make money. Is it lack of clients? Read books on how to attract people and persuade them from buying. Is it about innovation? Read books on how to innovate. Seek out specialists in the area you are struggling. Hear their opinion. Work with them.

Pain and competition is good. It makes the willing thrive. If there is competition in your field, you have a high chance to stand out if you stop doing the same things (that led you to a crisis, remember?) and actually find a new system, a new process, a new feeling to what you do and even who you are. Things will never change if you don’t make a change. It sounds really cheesy but it’s simply true. Most people only talk about change… They rarely act on it.

Once you identify your problem and figure out where do you want to be, it’s easy to plan an escape.

The big bold reason

If you are in a crisis, chances are you have everything at stake. And if you have everything at stake, doing something different will not undermine the state of affairs. It’s counter intuitive and scary.

Most people don’t realize that keeping things the same is actually a bigger risk than trying something new and unusual. And that’s why they lose and become media news.

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