It’s not about success, it’s about the journey

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We all try to seek our life’s purpose, but most likely end up frustrated and thus, giving up on our dreams. Seeking passion is not necessarily a way out either. Not everyone will be able to seek their best version of themselves, simply because they are scared of the journey. Success, and fulfillment are just products along the way, the tips of the iceberg of life. The bottom of the iceberg is the journey, what supports the success.

Most people don’t seek out to walk their paths for being scared of the world. They die in regret. It’s cliché, but go spend two weeks at a retirement home talking to old people. Their hearts are filled with regrets.

All of us have passions and skills. The key is to find one that serves both, and walk down the discovery road, and building upon it. Combining a skill you know with a passion is your ultimate chance to start walking on a path. The next step unveils itself.

Personally, I blame the system. You are taught biology, chemistry, geography… But you aren’t taught finances, extensive philosophy, communication, and other soft and hard skills to empower you to take hold of your life’s direction. They give you a set of directions to follow, and if you get a bad grade, oh boy! I remember the drama in high school. The class arranging system, where whoever was better at the quarter went to a certain classroom. Instead they grade you if can or cannot do the pythagorean theorem.

Then you go to University, to become someone you don’t want to be. You get a job and live 9-5 waiting for the weekends to come, only to despise Monday.

Wouldn’t it be better if the day of the week didn’t matter? Wouldn’t it be better if instead of despising the next work day, you’d be able to feel like you are going somewhere in life and enjoy the journey?

If your job doesn’t align with your values, why partake with it? If the people around you don’t align with your values, why keep them in?

You cannot steer a parked car. To evolve as a human being, you gotta find value in your actions. How can you help other people? If you don’t like something, you change it. Try different things. Break the pattern.

Go down the discovery road. Don’t be afraid to try new things just because the system tells you’ve gotta have a degree and have a 9-5 job (unless that’s what you want), instead of doing what you feel pulled towards to.

What are the things in your life you cannot live without? Now, how can you weave that with a way to bring value to people? There’s no worst life failure than regret on the deathbed.

What’s the next fear you are going to face? Learning finances? Learning how to speak in public? Sky diving? What is it? Go do.